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Debunking Common Myths About Gated Communities

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As adults, we make important decisions regularly. Doing so becomes easier over time since we gradually learn to discern that some decisions outweigh the others in terms of their lasting effects. A prime example of such a decision has to do with our housing situations.

Sooner or later, we’ll reach a point in our lives where we’ll want to settle down. That is when we discover the many considerations that come with purchasing our first homes. One of which is the location.

A gated community is one of the best locations from all the options to choose from. However, some homeowners tend to lean into dependent housing due to the misconceptions they have about life in a gated community. Here are points to correct these falsehoods.

Myth #1: It’s Expensive to Live in a Gated Community

A lot of people believe that individuals who belong in the upper echelons of society are the only ones capable of purchasing homes in gated communities. That is due to the high price tags that come with these properties.

Fact #1: The Price is Right

This myth holds some truth to it, but the price tag usually isn’t unreasonable considering the many benefits that come with living in gated communities. One of which is the quality of the home buyers will be paying for. Developers have standards, which is why none of them skimp out when it comes to materials and construction processes.

Another thing to consider is the amenities offered to the residents. It depends on the community, but some amenities usually found are parks, swimming pools, basketball courts, and function halls.

Third, these houses are high in demand. That will lead to high resale value, especially if the property has been appropriately maintained. Should there come a time where a household outgrows their home, their old house can partially finance their new property.

Aside from the mortgage, residents will also need to pay maintenance or Homeowners Association fees. Potential buyers may find these “hidden” fees daunting, but they aren’t for no reason.

For the quality of the community to be preserved, factors like cleanliness and security should be sustained as well. The HoA is in charge of seeing to it that guards who handle the gates and patrol the areas are paid.

They also see to it that a trustworthy business capable of commercial landscaping in Starkville and other areas can maintain or even elevate the quality of the streets and properties. These responsibilities apply to HoAs from every gated community in these locations.

Myth #2: Residents of Gated Communities are Snobbish

It’s been established that gated communities are exclusive. The gatekeeping associated with these communities have led people into thinking that rich, snobbish residents are all that can be found within the fences of the neighborhood.

Fact #2: No Two Residents Are The Same

Some residents may behave in such a way, but it’s terrible to lump in every resident together since people come in different shapes and forms. With every “bad” neighbor, one is more likely to encounter the exact opposite.

Additionally, the gatekeeping has nothing to do with discrimination. Instead, it’s to keep the community secure and free of crime. Having guards posted at every entrance may be a hassle to visitors, but it does help dissuade wannabe thieves from sneaking into the community.

With these myths debunked, consider the possibility of staying in a gated community. You can even invite other relatives or friends to do so.

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