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What To Know About Moving When You Work From Home

What To Know About Moving When You Work From Home

Moving home is enough of a challenge, but when you add in moving your home office, it can be even more overwhelming. Transitioning your office space into a new home can take some extra consideration to cut back on stress and to avoid downtime. 

Make Sure To Take Essential Office Equipment With You 

The biggest stress when buying property and moving house is the lack of control. You’re hanging your life over to someone else and trusting them to get everything to the new house safely. You can control two things about the process. 

Choose a trustworthy moving company. Check reviews and ask for insurance information. Be organized in your packing, or use a packing service. 

When moving your home office, don’t pack anything that you need in order to work. Your computer and important files should stay with you, not go into the moving truck. Make sure that on moving day, these items are put in a dedicated room so they don’t get accidentally packed by the movers. 

At the other end, your items might be packed into a box, or waiting to arrive, so make sure you have everything with you to get back to work. 

Get Help To Avoid Stress And Time Away From Work

Sometimes, you will need help to stay sane when moving. 

When you work from home, there can be no escaping moving tasks that can pile up, so it can really help to employ a trustworthy moving company to come in and pack while you work. 

Professional packing helps everything to go smoothly on moving day. The pros know how to pack and label everything so the movers can come in and move everything quickly and safely. If you have electronic office equipment that you can’t take with you for whatever reason, ask your moving company for help to pack these items up as safely as possible.

Document Your Office Setup

If you will be packing up your office space yourself, it really helps to thoroughly document when breaking down your home office. 

Knowing how different wires and components were arranged will help to ensure you don’t get to your new home office surrounded by piles of wires that you don’t know where to put. 

To get started, take plenty of pictures of your set-up exactly the way it was before you start breaking everything down. If you can, add some small table of colour on cords and the inputs they go into. You could even do this with nail polish if you do it carefully. Assign a different colour to each input. You never realise how similar looking all the cords and cables are until you’re trying to put them all back into place. Colour-coding and documenting can be a tedious task, but you’ll be glad you did it when you get to the other end. 

Being able to manage cords and cables is a useful skill too, to make sure you don’t waste time untangling cords instead of getting to work.

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