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Why The Exterior Of Your Premises Is Key For Business Success

Why The Exterior Of Your Premises Is Key For Business Success

The outside of your business premises plays a very big role in business success. You might not realise this, but after reading through the points made in this post, you’ll soon understand why it is the case. 

What possible bearing can your exterior have on the success of your business? 

It’s simple, and it all boils down to one thing: brand image. 

Your brand image is affected by the outside of your business building. This impacts the way people perceive your company and can influence the level of trust they have with you as a business. It’s all about creating an exterior that makes people have faith in your business and raises their perception of your company. They start to think that you’re a very professional outfit, and are therefore also trustworthy. From here, it can mean that you encourage more people to give you a go or recommend you to a friend. 

Of course, the opposite can also be true. Some businesses may have terrible exteriors that make people turn their noses up at the company. It reflects badly on your brand, so the level of trust starts to decline. There is less chance of you gaining customers because of this. 

With this in mind, what does a good or bad exterior look like? We’ve got some notes below that’ll help you craft an exterior that has a positive impact on your success:


The cleanliness of your exterior has a huge influence on how people perceive your business. If you have loads of rubbish outside or the walls are dirty, it looks really bad. Make an effort to keep your business as clean as possible. Pick up litter, clean the windows regularly, cut any grass on the outside, and so on. A lot of businesses are opting to apply things like Licata’s monocouche render system to their exterior walls, rather than paint. This helps to prevent things like algae from forming, so it keeps your walls cleaner. Thus, your building looks better to onlookers. 


Good business premises will have excellent signage on the exterior. You need your sign to stand out, yet it can’t be too cheesy or overpowering. You want people to be aware that this is the home of your business, so the sign needs to be very clear. Customers will take a lot from your sign; it can tell them if you are professional or not. Good signs attract positive attention, while bad ones do the opposite. 


Now, this seems like the same as cleanliness, but it’s different. Instead, we’re talking about how neatly your business is presented. This includes all the materials used on the outside of your premises and how the entire face of your building is presented. You want everything to look neat and crisp, rather than battered, haphazard and old. 

Effectively, the purpose of your exterior is to attract the positive attention of anyone that passes by. If you rely on foot traffic, this is absolutely critical for drawing in customers. Even if you get customers through other means, improving the outside of your building will have a big impact on your brand image. So, if you’re looking for a way to revamp your company, perhaps you should focus on the way your premises looks.

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